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5 Steps in the Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases

Mastering ABG Interpretation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Assessing Blood Gases and Acid-Base Disorders.

5 Steps in the Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases

The information provided on the infographic is based on the most current and reliable evidence available as of the date stated on the graphic. While the infographic serves as a helpful guide for patient management, the final clinical decision should be made by the attending physician


This infographic is owned and copyrighted by ICU REACH. It can be shared for educational purposes and patient care information if the ICU REACH logo is maintained. Unauthorized removal of the logo is prohibited. A license must be purchased for use without the logo. ICU REACH monitors use and may take legal action for violations of this policy. By using the infographic, you agree to comply with this policy and acknowledge the rights of ICU REACH.


March 25, 2023


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