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This study examines the effectiveness and safety of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) in treating trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC) in adult trauma patients. Utilizing a systematic review of MEDLINE and EMBASE databases, the study included nine observational studies and one randomized controlled trial (RCT), covering 1150 patients treated with PCC. The main outcomes were in-hospital mortality and venous thromboembolism (VTE). The results, which combined observational studies and the RCT, indicated that PCC use did not significantly impact mortality rates (odds ratio 0.94) or the risk of deep venous thrombosis (odds ratio 1.00).

For specialists in the trauma field, these findings are significant. They suggest that while PCC does not increase VTE risk, its effectiveness in reducing mortality in TIC patients remains unproven. This uncertainty underscores the need for further comprehensive studies, particularly RCTs, to better understand PCC’s role in trauma care and guide clinical decision-making.

Prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) for treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy: systematic review and meta-analyses | Critical Care | Full Text (

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