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Hemodynamics Management

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We had an interesting discussion today about the correlation between EF by Echo and CI measured by PA catheter. Generally, CI correlates with EF, but in some patients, there is variation, as shown in the red box where these patients had low CI despite having high EF. This is typical in some diastolic heart failure patients, where the heart's pumping ability (EF) is preserved, but the filling function (diastolic function) is impaired, leading to reduced cardiac output. It's unlikely to have low EF with good CI. This illustrates the importance of evaluating functional cardiac output to fully understand cardiac performance and patient condition.

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Ibrahim Ameen
Alexei Ortiz Milan
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Hassan Hawa
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Reference for the above graph: "Am J Respir Crit Care Med Vol 168, pp 1270-1276, 2003"

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