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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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How do you explain the the drop in the pressure indicated by the white arrows on the pressure/time scalar?


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The drop in the pressure on the pressure waveform is caused by:

  • 0%Ventilator malfunction

  • 0%Double triggering

  • 0%Patient’s inspiratory efforts

  • 0%Early cycling


having this phenomena in each breath at the same time will trigger me to find if it is a type of reverse trigger or just additional inspiratory efforts that do not cause another trigger.

the scalar does not show if the initiation of the cycle is triggered by time or by the patient.

Reverse trigger may manifest by a nigative deviation in the pressure wave after the beginning of the inspiration by the ventilator. However, the initial trigger should be time.

I tried to compare the total frequency to the set frequency. They are not the same, 41 vs 24, which may indicate that its not time triggered but patient triggered. If this is true then it is not a reverse trigger.

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