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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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Left image showing delayed termination (cycling) asynchrony with inspiratory time of 1 second. Middle image, inspiratory time was decreased to 0.8 and asynchrony improved. However, patient started to have double triggering as shown in the right image.

Mohammad  Shaban
Mohammad  Shaban
Mohammad Shaban
Sep 09, 2022

The image on right is confusing Pressure-time curve looks like double trigger, but we know that in pressure modes it’s better to look at the flow -time curve to understand the real interaction between the patient and the ventilator…. Looking at the flow-time curve shows that in the third cycle it might not be double trigger. Clearly there was no positive flow during the second pressure wave of the third cycle, means there was no gas in So, I need more cycles like this to understand but looks like the patient immediately after starting the expiratory phase held his breath again and did not allow all the volume to be out freely. The expiratory flow shows that clearly Volume curve may help to understand more about this

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