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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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Ventilator graphic of an intubated asthmatic patient on mechanical ventilation showing mild persistent flow at end of expiration indicating auto-PEEP:

The ventilator settings were changed as the following:

VT decreased from 470 to 420 mL.

Rate decreased from 20 to 16 breaths per minute but the patient is still breathing over.

The inspiratory time was decreased from 0.9 second to 0.6 second.

Notice the decrease in the peak pressure from 32 to 28 cm H2O right after these changes were made. The question is:

How do you explain the decrease in the peak pressure (select all what apply)

  • 0%Improved resistance

  • 0%Improved auto-PEEP

  • 0%Decreased inspiratory flow

  • 0%Decreased tidal vilume

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Noor Shah
Feb 01

Improving in auto PEEP , it can be achieved by :

1) decrease in RR ,

2) decrease in Tidal Volume,

3) by decreasing inspiration time, expiration time will be automatically increased.

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