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Sepsis & Septic Shock

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Probiotics in AKI and Sepsis: A Clinical Insight

During acute kidney injury (AKI) stemming from sepsis, a dysbiotic change in the intestinal microbiota is observed, impacting kidney function recovery. To evaluate the therapeutic potential of probiotics in alleviating this dysbiosis and potentially enhancing kidney function recovery, a double-blind clinical trial was conducted. 92 patients with sepsis-associated AKI were treated with either probiotics or a placebo for one week. The primary outcomes investigated were kidney function recovery and mortality at 6 months, while secondary outcomes included markers like urea, urine volume, need for kidney replacement therapy, and any adverse events. The study found no significant benefits of probiotics in improving KFR or reducing 6-month mortality. However, a notable reduction in urea levels was observed in the probiotics group.

Full article: Probiotics in septic acute kidney injury, a double blind, randomized control trial (



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