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 A platform for critical care professionals to interact and learn

ICU REACH is a community dedicated to providing critical care professionals with the most up-to date information. We work towards our goals via our webinars, blogs, courses, file-share library, and many other resources and tools. ICU REACH is an open source educational site for critical care providers everywhere. 

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Visual abstracts of contemporary critical care trials that keep you informed.


Expand your knowledge and keep up to date with research using our blog.


Explore our upcoming events and register to attend our next ICU reach webinar.


Missed a webinar? No problem. All our webinars are recorded and available for our supporters!

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Enhance your knowledge and skills through our self-paced online courses.

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Access numerous state-of-the-art ICU lectures in PDF or PowerPoint format for supporters only!


Do you have an upcoming residency or fellowship interview? Schedule a realistic mock interview to help with your preparation.


Interesting images and videos  in critical care medicine.

Self-paced ICU Online Courses

ICU REACH provides in-depth online courses that cover various critical care topics, including mechanical ventilation and sepsis. Our unparalleled online methods help participants enhance their understanding, clinical skills, and patient management. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch with us if you have any questions!


ARDS Management


Mechanical Ventilation


Sepsis Management

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