Icu reach relies on your support to continue providing a high level educational materials. There are many areas of the site that are available for free to all critical care professionals around the world. However, production of these materials is costly and cannot be sustained without your support. Therefore, we restricted access to some areas of the site to our gold and silver supporters. At the same time, anyone can have a free access based on selected criteria as explained below.

Eligibility for Free Access to Paid Materials

Some paid online materials maybe available with free access based the following criteria (subject to change):

  • Selected residents of a resource limited country such as Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh where there is an existing "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) between "ICU REACH and the educational body in the selected country.

  • Active contribution on ICU REACH defined as one of the following:

    • At least one approved blog every three months

    • At least three posts in groups every three months

    • At least three media materials (images, illustrations, or videos) every three months

    • At least 10 scientific comments or questions on blogs or posts in groups every three months

    • At least 5 shares and 25 likes every three months