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Hemodynamic Course Presentations

Hemodynamic Course Presentations

SKU: 2022023

Unlock an in-depth examination of hemodynamic assessment and management within the intensive care unit. This course features extensive PowerPoint presentations, complete with illustrations, organized into a clear array of stimulating topics. Whether your primary focus is cardiac output or vascular responsiveness, this framework provides research-guided insight into every corner of the clinical dilemma. Enhance your knowledge base with discussions on therapeutic thresholds, medications for shock states, and evidence-affiliated protocols for critically ill patients. Take advantage of clinically sound resources to improve decision making and patient outcomes in this vital field. A comprehensive approach towards mastering supportive therapy for those unwell at the highest acuity


Topics include:

  • Basic physiology in hemodynamics
  • The hemodynamic puzzle
  • Shock syndromes
  • Noninvasive methods for hemodynamic monitoring
  • Invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Hemodynamic manipulators
  • Perfusion markers
  • Case studies



  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Total of 13 prsentations
  • Free to use in your lectures and presentations
  • Size 281 MB


Recorded presentations can be watched for free here

  • Disclaimer

    The set price of this presentation is not reflective of its value. It is intended to provide a donation that will contribute to ICU REACH fulfilling its objectives and mission.

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