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Progressive Mobility Program for ICU Patients

Progressive Mobility Program for ICU Patients

SKU: 2022007

The ICU Mobility Program is designed to help patients regain their strength and mobility while in the ICU. The program includes a variety of exercises and activities that are tailored to the individual condition of each patient. The goals of the program are to reduce length of stay in the ICU, promote healing and recovery, and prevent further decline in physical function. The ICU Mobility Program has been shown to be beneficial for both patients and staff. Patients who participate in the program have shorter ICU stays, improved Clinical Outcomes, and better quality of life after discharge. In addition, the program has been shown to decrease falls, pressure ulcers, and other complications. Staff members who implement the program report improved job satisfaction and decreased workload. The ICU Mobility Program is an important part of patient care that can benefits both patients and staff.


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