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Faris Abouchaleh

Faris Abouchaleh

Moderator & Editor


University of California, Irvine

Majored in Biological Sciences

Research experience:

  1. Elucidated one pot drug nanoparticle syntheses using block-co-polymers

    a. UC Irvine, Department of Chemistry

    b. Paul Joshua Hurst, Kyle Gassaway, Mohammed Faris Abouchaleh, Nehal S. Idris, Chelsea R. Jones, Chris Dicksion, James Nowick, Joseph Patterson. Drug Catalyzed Polymerization Yields One Pot Nanomedicines. Royal Society of Chemistry Applied Polymers. 2024

    c. Paul Joshua Hurst, Junsik Yoon, Riya Singh, Mohammed Faris Abouchaleh, Kevin Stewart, Brent Sumerlin, Joseph Patterson. Hybrid photoiniferter and ring-opening polymerization yields one-pot nanorods. American Chemical Society Macro Letters. 2023 (in review).

  2. Conducted research on family planning knowledge among immigrant families residing in Orange County

    a. UC Irvine School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    b. Is Parent-Adolescent Reproductive Health Communication Associated with Future Comfort Discussing Family Planning with a Healthcare Provider? Mohammed Faris Abouchaleh, Sara Alshehabi, Amjad Kanj Y. Basha Zada, Farah Mawlawi, Dr. Heike Thiel.

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