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Which method do you use for SBT in patients with high risk for reintubation?


  • T-piece SBT

A study by Thille and colleagues compared the two protocols for spontaneous-breathing trials - PSV (with a pressure-support level of 8 cm of water, an Fio2 of ≤40%, and no PEEP) or a T-piece (with supplemental oxygen administered at a rate of ≤6 liters per minute) in high risk patients for reintubation.

The primary end point was the total time alive and without exposure to mechanical ventilation (reported as the number of ventilator-free days) at day 28 after the initial spontaneous-breathing trial.

The study found that there was no difference in the number of ventilator free days between groups, 27 days in PSV group vs 27 days in T piece group.

Ashwaq Ali
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