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Pharmacotherapy for Reducing RBC Transfusion for Patients in... : Critical Care Medicine (

This systematic review and network meta-analysis in Critical Care Medicine (April 2024) assessed therapies to reduce RBC transfusion needs in ICU patients. Searching MEDLINE, CENTRAL, and Embase until July 2023, it included 75 studies with 15,091 patients. Combination therapy of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (Epo) and iron was found to notably decrease transfusion requirements (RR: 0.60; moderate confidence), outperforming Epo or iron monotherapy (RR: 0.81 and 0.83; low confidence, respectively). No significant increase in venous thromboembolism or infection risks was associated with combination therapy. In contrast, Epo alone might increase infection risks. The efficacy of vitamin D3 and HIF-PHI remains unclear.

Are you using any of these agents routinely in your ICU?

  • Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (Epo)

  • Iron

  • Both

  • None

Ibrahim Makki Al Abdullah
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