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Efficacy of permissive underfeeding for critically ill patients: an updated systematic review and trial sequential meta-analysis

This systematic review and meta-analysis examined permissive underfeeding in ICU patients (less or equal to 20 kcal/kg), involving 23 randomized controlled trials with 11,444 patients. It found no significant differences in overall mortality, hospital mortality, hospital stay length, or overall infection incidence. However, permissive underfeeding significantly reduced ICU mortality (risk ratio [RR] = 0.90) and gastrointestinal adverse events (RR = 0.79), and shortened mechanical ventilation duration by 1.85 days. The study suggests potential benefits of permissive underfeeding in ICU mortality and ventilation duration but calls for more large-scale trials due to sample size and patient heterogeneity.

Ibrahim Ameen
Ibrahim Makki
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