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Hemodynamics Management

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Efficacy of Levosimendan in the Treatment of Patients with Severe Septic Cardiomyopathy

•Thirty patients with severe septic cardiomyopathy were enrolled in the study and randomly divided into the levosimendan group and dobutamine group.

• The primary outcome was 28-day mortality.

• At the 24th hour after treatment, the CI, LVEF, SVI, and fluid volume were found to be higher in the levosimendan group than in the dobutamine group.

• On the third day of treatment, cardiac troponin I (cTnI) in the levosimendan group was lower than that in the dobutamine group.

• While there were no significant differences between groups for 28-day mortality or ICU stay, ventilator application time was significantly shorter for those treated with levosimendan.

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