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This is a screenshot of the case that Dr. @Nader Guma posted earlier, please review the case and the share with the group the best approach in the management of this case.

Here is the link to the case:

I would advise for (check all what apply):

  • 0%Catheter-directed embolectomy

  • 0%Catheter-directed thrombolysis

  • 0%Systemic anticoagulation

  • 0%Surgical embolectomy

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The best choice for this patient with tumor embolism is to do surgical embolectomy to avoid fragmentation of the embolus causing pulmonary tumor emoboli if catheter-directed embolectomy is chosen. In addition, all patients should placed on anticoagulantion as these tumor embolism are thrombogenic and likely to be associated with thrombosis.


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