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New ACC guidelines for management of AF(2023):

The current guideline's classification of AF focuses on the stages of AF including the pre-detection period.

Stage 1: at risk for AF presence of modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors,

Stage 2: pre-AF (evidence of structural or electrical findings predisposing to AF),

Stage 3A: paroxysmal AF (intermittent, lasting up to 7 days),

Stage 3B: persistent AF (continuous and sustained for over 7 days and requires intervention),

Stage 3C: long-standing persistent AF (continuous AF lasting >12 months),

Stage 3D: successful AF ablation (free from AF after ablation or surgical intervention),

Stage 4: permanent AF (no further attempts at rhythm control).

Early rhythm control is associated with a greater likelihood of maintaining sinus rhythm in the long term and minimizing AF burden and reducing the progression of the disease.

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