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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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What would you do?

  • 0%Increase PC level

  • 0%Increase inspiratory time

  • 0%Increase sedation

  • 0%All of the above

Mazen Kherallah
Mazen Kherallah
Jan 22, 2022

Thank you for your answers, it seems that the second breath (the one in the middle) is double triggered breath but in fact it is two breaths. The first one is mandatory as there is no negative deflection in pressure and there is no pink indicator for a triggered breath. The second one is triggered by the patient as there is a pink indicator. It occurred before exhalation of the first breath so it is stacked on top of the first breath and indicates increased respiratory drive. So prolonging the inspiratory time could have helped if it is double triggered breath. In this case, I would observe longer and if it is happening frequently, I would increase sedation!

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