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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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85 years old male who was admitted with acute respiratory failure and ARDS secondary aspiration pneumonia. Patient was treated with ceftriaxone, bronchoscopy with clearance of sectretions, and protective lung strategy. His condition improved but required to be tracheotomized due to his inability to protect the airway. He was placed on adaptive mode of ventilation (ASV) at minute ventilation of 80%. His ideal body weight is 65 kg. A screenshot of his ventilator is shown below:

The patient is minimally responsive by opening eyes and he does not seem to be in any respiratory distress. Please observe the above screenshot and provide your feedback.

Based on his performance on the current settings, what would you do next?

  • 0%Decrease the set minute ventilation to 30%

  • 0%Place the patient on PSV of 10 cm H2O

  • 0%Add fentanyl infusion

  • 0%Change the mode to A/C

Hanady Mohammed
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