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Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation

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Breaths in Pressure controlled CMV are patient-triggered, pressure targeted and time-cycled (assisted breath) or time-triggered (machine), pressure targeted and time-cycled (controlled breath). The operator will set inspiratory pressure (Pinsp), respiratory rate (f), FiO2, inspiratory time (Tinsp), PEEP, and Slope. The flow will be decelerating waveform. If the patient is not breathing, all breaths will be controlled, and the trigger timer is set based on the set rate (60 sec/rate). Once the patient starts to breath and reaches the sensitivity level, the breath will be assisted with the set inspiratory pressure and terminated after the set inspiratory time is elapsed. The set rate will function then as a backup rate, if the trigger timer is reached and the patient did not initiate a breath, the machine will deliver a mandatory breath.

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